Forest Lakes Roadway & Drainage MSTU


The five member committee was created in March of 1992 to aid and assist the Board of County Commissioners in carrying out the purposes of providing and maintaining improved roadway related drainage and roadway restoration as well as installation of sidewalks and beautification within the area of the Unit as set forth in County Ord. No. 91-107. They also prepare and recommend an itemized budget, work programs and priorities. Applicants must reside within the Forest Lakes Roadway & Drainage MSTU. Terms are four years.

Current Board Members

  • Name Term Expiration Date
  • Gregory K. Pollock - Chair 04/21/2026
  • Kathy A. Thomson - Vice Chair 04/21/2027
  • Marianne Fanning 04/21/2026
  • Patrick A. Bernal 04/21/2027
  • Gerald T. Norsic 04/21/2028

Agendas & Minutes

Please contact and/or call at 239-252-5840 for meeting information.

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