About PTNE

Our Staff is Here to Help

We have a very talented group of people working in the Public Transit & Neighborhood Enhancement Division who are ready to serve you. If you are unsure who you should speak with, contact the administration office at 239.252.5840.

Administrative Staff


Michelle Edwards Arnold

Budget analyst

Caroline Soto

Operations Coordinator

Rosio Garcia

Operations Coordinator

Maria “Tessie” Sillery

Collier Area Transit (CAT) Staff

Public Transit Manager

Omar DeLeon

Senior Planner

Alexander Showalter

Project Manager

Liz Soriano

Events, Sales &
Marketing Coordinator

Elena Ortiz Rosado

Operations Analyst

Yousi Cardeso

Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) Staff

Project Manager

Harry Sells

Project Manager

Dan Schumacher

Transit Operator Management Staff

General Manager


Fixed Route Manager

Richard Ticehurst 239.252.4982

ParaTransit Manager

Marirka Maldonado 239.252.4997

Paratransit Mobility Manager

Yanela Abreu 239.252.4985

Customer Service Manager

Nelida Lopez 239.252.4986