Rock Road Improvement MSTU


The Rock Road Improvement Advisory Committee was created on June 14, 2011 by Ordinance No. 11-22, and re-established on January 23, 2024, by Ordinance No. 24-03. The purpose of this five-member committee is to aid and assist the Board of County Commissioners in carrying out the business of the MSTU, to recommend work programs and priorities, as well as recommend an itemized budget required to carry out the business of the MSTU. Three of the members shall be permanent residents within the MSTU, and two members may be an owner of residential or commercial property within the MSTU or an appointed representative of a business located within the MSTU.

Current Board Members

  • Name Term Expiration Date
  • Jana Boger 3/26/2027
  • Jean Hofstetter 3/26/2027
  • Alberto Sanchez Jimenez 3/26/2027
  • Gregory Davenport 3/26/2026
  • Brian Galligan 3/26/2026

Agendas & Minutes

Please contact  and /or call at 239-252-5840 for meeting information.

2024 Meeting Agendas And Minutes